Steel Framing

Quality Steel Framing Contractor in Los Angeles

When it comes to Foundations and Framing in Los Angeles. We do it right. Whether it's Commercial or Custom Residential we provide the necessary efficiency to move your project quickly towards completion.


Solid as its framework, family-owned Snow Construction has been in business since 2003, building a reputation for high-quality, dependable craftsmanship, serving Los Angeles County. A large percentage of our work is steel framing residential and custom homes. Our quality-control systems provide consistent results, enabling us to meet development needs on time or ahead of schedule.


We provide:

  • On-site foremen. Each of our jobs has an assigned foreman who has a trailer equipped with everything he needs to do his job including computers, WiFi, printers and blueprints. Our foremen are bilingual, are on top of their crews and always easy to locate.
  • Turn-key framing. We eliminate delays caused by confusion between suppliers and framers by supplying both materials and labor for projects up to $3 million.
  • Sizable Crews. We have the manpower to complete large jobs on time or ahead of schedule.
  • Worker Safety. We employ an independent OSHA Certified Safety Company to ensure that all job sites meet or exceed OSHA standards.

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